This is an interview with Dr. Dan Engle and Dr. Martin Polenco on The Warrior Soul Podcast.

Dr. Martin Polanco, MD is a physician at the Crossroads Ibogaine Treatment Center. Dr. Dan Engle, MD is a board certified expert in Psychiatry and Neurology with a clinical practice in holistic medicine, orthomolecular psychiatry and integrative spirituality. Dr. Engle and Dr. Polanco have been interviewed on the Tim Ferriss Podcast, the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast, and Bulletproof Radio with Dave Asprey.

Dr. Engle also medically consults with Onnit Labs in Austin, Texas, a company leading the industry in peak performance methods and Total Human Optimization, as well the most visited and regarded ayahuasca healing center in the world – The Temple of the Way of Light Ayahuasca Healing Center in Peru.


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