What is Satori?

The experience of Satori is one of a sudden, profound, personal
self-realization…a breakthrough experience.

Full Spectrum Medicine uses The Satori Method to facilitate
multilevel healing and create lasting results.

Photo: Frank McKenna

The Satori Method is a unique approach to healing that offers immediate
relief and long-term positive change–physically, mentally and emotionally.

How can a Satori experience be stimulated?

The avenues for having a Satori experience can come through dedication to traditional self-mastery practices (for example yoga, martial arts, meditation, fasting and prayer), as well as more contemporary “flow states” where one is intensely focused (for example, when an athlete is immersed in adventure sports, or a musician is performing in concert or an artist is painting a canvas).

Other ways of having a satori experience are more spontaneous (like near-death experiences) or more transcendental (like working with sacred plant medicines in altered states of consciousness).

What happens in a Satori experience?


How does Satori and the Full Spectrum Medicine process work?

Full Spectrum Medicine utilizes a 5-phase approach to healing that helps people with chronic psychiatric conditions
move from frustrating symptom management through a process of repairing
core imbalances to facilitate personal empowerment and fulfillment.

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