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You carry your own Unique Medicine…and Your Medicine is what we need for these times. The Psychedelic Entrepreneur: Medicine for These Times podcast combines grounded business know-how, neuroscience-backed transformational psychology, psychedelics, sacred plant medicines, spiritual teachings, and ancient wisdom so you can start sharing your medicine and create transformation in the world. Listen to the …

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Astral Hustle

Dr. Dan Engle

Dr. Dan Engle is an integrative psychiatrist and neurocognitive restoration expert. In this episode, we dive deep into the details of MDMA assisted therapy and the hopeful future of trauma recovery. Listen to the podcast here

141: A Dose of Hope – MDMA Assisted Psychotherapy With Dr Dan Engle

Psychedelic drugs remain illegal, guided ceremonies, or sessions, are happening across the country, especially in major cities. But more people seek out safe, structured environments to use psychedelics for spiritual growth and psychological healing. Tom Ahern with his guest, Dr. Dan Engle will discuss what you need to know about psychedelic therapy and how psychedelic …

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