The Mission and Maxims of Full Spectrum Medicine

What does it mean to create the blueprint
for the psychiatric renaissance?


  1. Self-healing is an inherent ability represented in all life
  2. The process of healing is ever unfolding and evolving from birth to death as an avenue for personal development and self-mastery
  3. Symptoms are simply a signal that underlying homeostatic mechanisms in the body-mind-heart-soul complex are sub-optimally functioning and repair mechanisms are overloaded
  4. Giving the correct healing stimulus at the right time for a given individual’s needs, stimulates the inherent life force to be revitalized and promote self-healing
  5. Once given the current available, unbiased information and support, a person shall be empowered to choose their own direction and methods of healing
  6. Crisis is an opportunity and fuel for personal healing and growth
  7. The modern medical model is flawed in design and delivery, thus opening the way for an emergent healthcare system of greater potential, especially in the field of mental health
  8. Most medical illnesses today are an extension of modern society, thus warranting a paradigm shift in how we live as a culture — stress is the #1 cause of chronic disease and depression is the #1 cause of disability worldwide
  9. The soul is the earliest and most intimate part of the self and can be revealed through transpersonal experiences, and when revealed, brings a person clarity for their own unique path of healing toward harmony, vitality and fulfillment
  10. Therapeutic use of the entheogenic medicines supports the transcendent experience and has been clinically validated to address the areas where modern-day psychiatry is significantly limited: addiction recovery, chronic depression and anxiety, post-traumatic stress and end-of-life transitions

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