Meet Dr. Dan,
Founder of Full Spectrum Medicine

Full Spectrum Medicine is pioneering the landscape of integrative psychiatry, neurocognitive restoration, peak performance medicine and psychedelic research. Dr. Dan Engle’s background and personal journey shaped his path in medicine and created the foundation for Full Spectrum Medicine to be what it is today.

“No problem can be solved from the same level
of consciousness that created it.”

– Albert Einstein


“Dr. Dan epitomizes the future of medicine. Classical training combined with an open mind to emerging research opens up the spectrum of possibilities to ensure peak performance. That combined with his unique heart centered approach has been of immeasurable benefit to my life and the lives of many in my inner circle.”

Aubrey Marcus
Founder, CEO, Onnit

“[Dr. Dan Engle’s] “medicine bag” is filled with the best of natural Chinese, Ayurveda and indigenous remedies, complimented by his extensive western training. He uses his own injuries and health challenges to intimately understand the mental, emotional and spiritual components of physical healing…I have observed him working with hundreds of clients custom tailoring a healing program for the individuals’ unique circumstances or crisis. I place every confidence in recommending him to all of my clients, friends and family.”

Morgan J. Langan, MBA
CEO, Rejuvenation and Performance Institute

“Dr. Dan’s unwavering compassion, absolute presence, and unbelievably vast wisdom helped me to navigate the Dark Night of my Soul with courage, grace and the deepest sense of purpose imaginable. Because of his wisdom, guidance and support, my life has evolved in ways I truly couldn’t have imagined just one year ago.”

Jessica Kohlhagen, Soul embodiment facilitator & personal growth author

Dr. Dan Engle’s Professional Background


Dr. Dan Engle lectures and consults globally and is the Medical Director of Kuya Institute for Transformational Medicine and consultant to Onnit Labs in Austin Texas, and several international treatment centers using indigenous plant medicines for healing and recovery. He published his fist book, The Concussion Repair Manual, in October 2017, which has received praise from countless figures in the medical arena. His other programs include B.O.L.D., Freedom From Meds and Full Spectrum Medicine.

Medical Directorships Held:

Alternatives to Meds Center– Sedona, AZ

Crossroads Ibogaine Center – Rosarito, MX

The Sanctuary – Sedona, AZ

Rejuvenation and Performance Institute – Sedona, AZ

Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center – Patagonia, AZ

Mindful Medicine Integrative Psychiatry – Portland, OR

Dan is the former medical director of several of Sedona, Arizona’s premier healing centers.

A brief description of the Sedona Centers:

  • The Rejuvenation and Performance Institute is a detoxification and training center based on the Science of Flow States for those desiring to reinvigorate their bodies, recharge their minds and reenergize their lives.
  • Alternative to Meds is the premier orthomolecular psychiatric rehabilitation center in the country specializing in helping people transition off of psychiatric medications while resolving their core symptoms.
  • The Sanctuary is a shamanically-based integrative addiction recovery program using a 4-step model for body, mind, soul and spirit healing.

Each of these centers embodies the collaborative, multi-modal use of various complementary practices, modeling the current growing trend to integrate all the fields of modern medicine.

Dr. Dan Engle specializes in Psychiatry and Neurology, with a clinical practice that combines aspects of regenerative medicine, orthomolecular psychiatry, integrative spirituality and peak performance methods.

Currently, he is Medical Director of Kuya Institute for Transformational Medicine and consultant to Onnit Labs in Austin Texas, the True Rest Float Centers in Phoenix Arizona as well as several international healing centers using indigenous plant medicines of the Peruvian Amazon River basin.

His programs include Freedom From Meds, a comprehensive and integrative tool kit for successful transition from psychiatric medications, the Concussion Repair Manual, facilitating the return to optimal function after concussion and traumatic brain injury, BOLD – Brain Optimization and Lifestyle Design – a coaching program for maximizing brain health and cognitive performance, and Full Spectrum Medicine, a research, education and advocacy platform pioneering the future psychiatric healing centers using consciousness expansion tools for root-cause healing and total life transformation.

22725340 – medical symbol caduceus snake with stick (vector illustration)

Education and Training:

Undergraduate Degree ~ 1991-1995
Summa Cum Laude – St. Edward’s University
2-Time Academic All American; Captain Varsity Soccer

Medical Degree ~ 1995-1999
Magna Cum Laude – Univ of Texas Health Sciences in San Antonio
Research Assistant – Spinal Cord Injury Center

Residency Adult Psychiatry and Neurology ~ 1999-2002
Univ of Colorado Health Sciences Center
Research Composite for Integrative Therapies in Concussion Care

Research Fellow in Forensic Psychiatry ~ 2002-2003
Colorado Mental Health Institute at Pueblo
Associate Investigator, DBT Program – Incarcerated Axis II Inpatients

Fellowship Child and Adolescent Psychiatry ~ 2003-2005
Oregon Health and Sciences University
Herbert Woodcock Lecture Series Fellow

Medical Board Certification ~ 2007
American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology

About Full Spectrum Medicine

The 3 goals of Full Spectrum Medicine:

  1. To develop an open-source, scientific methodology to help individuals and the collective shift from illness and trauma to health and happiness
  2. To facilitate and steward the education of the psychiatric community back to a soul-centered medicine practice (psyche means “soul” but the field of modern day psychiatric treatment has largely lost this role as a valid perspective for clients)
  3. To educate the larger scientific community and general populous around the benefits and safe use of the mystical experience in order to optimize living

3 major areas have shaped my path in medicine :

  • Breaking my neck and getting oriented to rehabilitative psychiatric methodology for neurocognitive recovery
  • Healing from 6 major head traumas and debilitating narcolepsy using natural medicines and integrative medicine approaches
  • Experiencing Ayahuasca and living on sabbatical in the Peruvian jungles of the Amazon to study plant spirit medicines, that ultimately led to a spiritual awakening after living in isolation for a year in a desert tent
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